Thursday, November 04, 2010


I was super excited to hear on the radio the other day that one of my all time favourite bands were touring again, the Levellers are doing a Levelling the Land anniversary tour next March. My initial response was to leap on the pc and try and get some tickets. But then the reality of the situation sank in. They are all 20 years older now, as am I, and it really won't be the same. You know when you are trying to relive something and it just isn't the same and ruins the original too! I first saw them at the Guildhall in Preston and they were brilliant, then again in Birmingham (narrowly missing getting on the bus to Simply Red who were also playing in Birmingham by mistake) which was also good. I used to have a crush on the lead singer, but he is probably quite fat now and has kids and he will bring them onstage at some point, and all my youthful dreams will be crushed. And then there's the problem of going to a gig with tall people standing in front of you, or snogging people snogging in front of you. Or trying to see the band at all. I think I am just too old and I should just stick the cds on and tie-dye  a t-shirt for the occasion...

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