Thursday, July 15, 2010

School's out!

So Littl'un has finished his first year of school. It was quite sad really! He had his party and went as a very cool Incey Wincey Spider, and to my horror only one other mother (one!) had bothered to make a costume. Everyone else had gone to the Disney Store by the looks of them. And I don't know why I bothered as apart from a few comments from other mums (along the lines of "ooh isn't that nice, a home made costume" in the tone of "she must be mad") I might as well have dressed him in a bin bag. None of his teachers commented which is bad as he did a lot of the stuffing and supervising, but these days no children are allowed to "win" or "lose" and all have to be the same. But he refused to take it off for hours when we got home so at least he likes it!


  1. That's wonderful that he likes his costume. I'm sorry that everyone else seemed a bit too aloof. Personally, I think that making your child's costume is a lost art. Everything is storebought now. I don't like that. It means more when the parent takes the time to make it special for the child. Kudos to you!

  2. (Oh, and I saw that you included the link to Ramblings of a Devoted Bookworm in your sidebar. That was so sweet of you! Thank you very much :D)