Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog to book?

So the other night I was suddenly hit with the thought that my blog could just disappear - if blogger went tits up or just lost it or something. And all the stuff I've written about would be gone. It's a bit like a diary really, I would hate to lose it all. So I started thinking about ways to print it off and save it for posterity  - yeah coz I'm like Samuel Pepys for the 20th century me :)

So I started cutting and pasting it into word, which not only looks rubbish, but one year alone stretched to 39 pages and that was in a tiny font. And I can't afford THAT much ink! So then I stumbled upon a site that converts your blog to print and it looks really good, and costs roughly £50 which isn't that bad if you think about it. But I haven't got £50 for some silly vanity project! So I'll have to run the risk of losing it all and forgetting all Littl'uns' silly tales! Or I could go back to my diary instead, but I have learnt recently that I can't write very fast anymore! 

What I really need is my old library job back temporarily and the photocopier that does all kinds of cool printing formats, including booklets. And I am sure they wouldn't mind covering the cost of all the printing - that's what late night library shifts were for surely? :)


  1. I know what you mean; i've actually wondered about what would happen if blogger just died on me and my blog was gone. If you find a good way to save your blog, please post about it so that we all could do the same! (I'd be willing to pay to have it bound, but if I used your site, it would be almost $100 for American me, and I can't afford that either!)

  2. It's an american site, so you'd probably by cheaper as you don't have postage! I found it by searching blogger help, the article is at: and I looked at blog2print - you can do a trial of your blog and it does look good! But I am sure there must be a cheaper way...

  3. Nice; thank you :)