Wednesday, July 21, 2010

School picnic

Today we were at a school picnic. Littl'un hasn't started there yet but his cousin has so we went along too. Cor blimey there are some dodgy mothers at that school! Firstly, the outfits. Leopard print catsuits, boob tubes, SHORT denim shorts, all in one weird kaftan creations. And all about 4 sizes too small. The kids got eyefuls just glancing round the park. Then the conversations. Most of them were f'ing and blinding at a kids' picnic - where, just for the thick ones - KIDS will be there! We had conversations about being arrested, kicked out of the house, errant husbands - and that was before the sandwiches. 

Then there were two newly rich mums who were hilarious. They ostentatiously unpacked a table they had brought. Yes. A table. Then unpacked all the picnic in fancy boxes. But essentially they were the same as the leopard print brigade. Just with fancier hairdos and labels on their clothes. I am not a snob. Really I am not. But I do take exception to scumbags who ignore their kids, swear and drink in front of them (and their whole school) and flash most of their fake appendages to everyone.

I don't know whether it's better to avoid them or just give in and invest in a catsuit and gold heels...

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  1. Some people just don't know how to be good parents. Obviously, you're a good mom, but all these ladies in their leopard print don't know what they're doing! Its sad really. :(