Monday, September 08, 2008

Why I hate London

Last week me and Baby Babs were on a bus. Unfortunately it was one of the new fangled bendy buses so we were miles away from the driver. When the bus stopped at our stop, instead of letting us off first, an awful awful woman barged her way onto the bus and shoved the buggy, leaving Baby Babs face down on the pavement and me on my ass on the bus. If I hadn't been so worried about the doors closing and me being carried off and Baby Babs being left on the pavement I would have either a) called the police or b) smashed her or c) both. She was a terrible woman and all she said was "sorry but you should have moved". If I hadn't been in shock I would have dragged her off the bus and taught her that you are supposed to let people off before forcing your way on. I am still SO mad about it and I hope that the people on the bus smashed her instead. And I hope she learnt her lesson but I doubt it very much.

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