Monday, September 01, 2008


Our bleedin' neighbours are doing my nut in. They have put their house up for sale and although at first I was worried about who would replace them, now I'm wishing for a nice old couple who want to grow veg and sit in their garden with a pet dog. There is no interest at all in their house and I so wish there was. They were away recently and it was only when they came back that I realised how much NOISE they make! They have 2 kids which is fair enough, but if my kid spent hours in the garden just shrieking randomly I would tell him to bloody shut up, never mind if it was bothering other people! Then the bloke has a voice that could peel paint off the walls and it carries for miles and miles. We can't sit in our garden really as they are always there talking LOUDLY and there is no peace. I feel like they conned me by promising to move and then not doing! (Though when they have eventually moved and we've got worse people in don't remind me!)

I do wonder if it is me. They are by no means the worst neighbours we've ever had, that would probably be the awful couple who lived above me once in Croydon, but that's a whole other story. I just wish we could have a nice detached house in the middle of a park and be able to live in peace, and even possibly sit outside and read a book once in a while. I might just start playing music on a big boom box instead, it probably wouldn't be as noisy!

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