Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange places I have been

On a recent week away we found the Strangest Pub in Britain. In a desperate bid to find a pub that was showing the two Tottenham matches on that week (Mr Babs and holidays do not mean he will not insist on watching them playing badly) we ended up in one called the Red Lion. Every other pub was showing better matches. The first night, there was us and probably 8 other people, including the bar staff. This made the notice on the door stating that the pub had a maximum capacity and people would be turned away when reached most intriguing. Is that maximum number 15? 20? I cannot imagine it getting so full they had a one in one out policy.

The other night we were in there it was slightly busier, but there was still room for about fifty more people. It must have been sports night. There were two intensely competitive dominoes games going on in opposite corners, a closely fought darts match in another, two different football games on opposing screens, and a queue for the slot machines. It made my head hurt. We were given the evil eye all night by an odd guy called Nige, I can only think we were stood in his spot or he really hated Tottenham fans. I thought he was going to follow us home and kill us, especially as we staying in a cottage up a dark lane in the middle of nowhere. He didn't though.

The town itself was also very odd. It was all pubs, food shops, and indian takeaways. That was about it. Nowhere to buy clothes, apart from one charity shop, nowhere to buy holiday gifts. Oh and the biggest vets I have ever seen. And in the only pub we ate in, it turned out the manager used to live round the corner from my in-laws in London. How bizarre. And the amount of people on those oldie scooter haring round the lanes was nothing short of dangerous. They all think they are on motorbikes and reliving their youth. Wait till someone gets runover, that's all I'm saying Evil Knievel grandad.

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