Monday, September 01, 2008

When you are tired of tv...

...are you tired of life?! Being at home and not having to enter the rat race means that over the months since Baby Babs arrived I have watched an inordinate amount of rubbish television. But now something strange has happened. Instead of leaving daytime tv on in the background, only now and then tutting at the utter banality of it all, now I can't bear to leave it on. Which in a way is a Good Thing. But now what do I do?! Even in the evenings tv is SOOO depressing, Mr Babs and I have finally broken our Hollyoaks addiction, we can't have watched it for at least a month now which is bloody brilliant and my mind feels more wholesome already. I think it was the sheer depression of everything that was happening in it, if watching a program makes you feel like crap, why watch it?! Everyone is miserable, dying, faking death, cheating somebody or something blah blah blah. I inadvertently caught an episode of Eastenders on Friday night. Some character's fiance was murdered on the night before the wedding, and his son (not hers) said that he hated her and that he would rather go into care than stay with her. She recently survived her house being blown up and a stalker and now this! Welcome to the weekend!

The only thing we watch is mind enlarging quiz shows or topical news comedy shows in the hope of at least learning something. We might have to take up ballroom dancing or something ridiculous. I can see my life ebbing away and all I'll have to show for it is an impressive knowledge of CJ's many hair styles on Eggheads.

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