Monday, March 03, 2008

A song for Europe?

Oh. My. God. The farce that was our attempt to pick a song to represent us at the Eurovision hit a new low on Saturday night. There were 6 contenders, who were split into 2s and then for some unknown reason John Barrowman and that Carrie with the bright red hair were deemed responsible enough to decide which of the 2 acts in each category went through to the public vote. They raved about Michelle Gayle. For the record she was not "Eurovision Eurovision Eurovision" (thanks John) - she was truly shocking, and REALLY embarassing. Her "song" involved lots of over-excitable shimmering and the song was really screechy and appalling frankly. She was up against Andy Abrahams who, while not exactly Lordi, was the best of a terrible bunch. He was professional and could have been performing on Top of the Pops (RIP) while the others were shameful karaoke wannabees. Baby Babs liked him and he chose Scooch last year too so he knows what he's talking about. Thankfully Terry had a wild card to put one of the failed groups through to the public vote and he sensibly chose Andy. And of course the public voted for him and he won. I would love to have seen Terry gloating to the idiot "professional, know what they are talking about" judges. They could so easily have made us the laughing stock of Europe. I know Andy won't win, but he'll not be too bad. Well done to the Great British Public!

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