Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things you don't want to go wrong...

...on a long Easter weekend.

1) The boiler breaks on Good Friday. It is predicted to be the coldest weekend this year with snow a very big possibility. Marvellous. Normally I would get super excited about snow. Now I am digging out my thick socks and leg warmers to wear in the lounge.
2) The only way to get the boiler to work is to stick your hand into the deepest dustiest parts of the boiler with one of those pens you use to light the gas on the cooker. It then comes on but only for 10 minutes. Then it clicks off and you have to do it again.
3) You blackmail a very sick plumber to come round on Saturday by using the "I have a baby" line and he still can't fix it until Tuesday.

It is now snowing. Brrr. It's Easter! I have daffodils in the garden! How can it be snowing?!?!

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