Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Delia!! Nooooo!!!!

I watched the first episode of the new Delia "how to cheat" series and I am so upset! Even Nigella doesn't sink so low as to use frozen mashed potato and mince out of a can. It was shocking. Surely even the most nervous cook can boil a potato, and you can even buy mince you can cook from frozen these days so why go so so lazy? Delia is failing budding cooks, she said that nobody could cook anymore, and they certainly won't after watching your program Delia. You are teaching people how to put things in a dish and then in the oven. She even used frozen potato wedges for god's sake. People she is aiming to get cooking will go even easier and just buy the fish pie or cottage pie straight from the freezer section and put it in the microwave. The program is a travesty. She even explained how to take the skin off a piece of already cooked salmon. Pft!!!

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