Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oi Smith! Noooo!!

So the second episode of Delia has got even worse. She made everything out of tins, told the buyers at Sainsburys that tinned meat was the new "thing" and it was bloody awful! But basically, her recipes (a bit like Nigella's) are cooking for posh people, who let's face it, have a cook or buy it already made. The secret of all these recipes is "good quality ingredients" - for which read "from Waitrose". Delia had a pantry (not as nice as Nigella's) full of posh tinned and bottled things, which admittedly are probably very nice - pesto actually from Italy, bottles of fancy red peppers. But who can actually afford to buy them?! What is the point of showing rich people how to cook badly? M&S and Waitrose do convenience food so well, she might as well have just gone round the freezer section saying "well you put the oven on to gas mark 6 and then cook for 45 minutes and then serve with a prepared salad and a bottle of very posh red wine. I can't cook very well, but even I try harder than old Delia!

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