Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who you gonna call?

Uh oh. I think we've disturbed the ghosts again. They have been very quiet since we had Baby Babs, I thought bringing a baby into the house had made them happy enough to leave the tv alone. But on Friday we started decorating our bedroom. It is the last room in the house that we haven't done, and I think we've really pissed off the lady whose bedroom it was. What makes me think this?

1) On Good Friday the boiler breaks.
2) On Good Friday the toaster breaks.
3) On the Saturday morning I come downstairs at 6am courtesy of Baby Babs to find the clock on the fireplace saying 8am. Now this is very weird. We went to bed at 10.30 (rock n roll people!) and I looked at the clock and it was working. So how do you explain it saying 8am the next day at 6am?! It hadn't stopped and there hadn't been an 8am in between me going to bed and getting up. It can only have gone super fast...or gone BACKWARDS...the ghosts are messing with me and I'm getting tired of it. It's not their house anymore damnit!! We're only painting the walls!!

If any exorcists in the Essex area are available that would be lovely. Thankyou.

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