Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Lordi...

...is it really that time of year again? Can it really be two years since Lordi triumphed at the Eurovision and we all had hopes of a resurgence of Eurovision excellence? Sadly it hasn't happened. They should have just stopped the Eurovision after Lordi, nobody could beat that. This weekend is the UK's pick our entry thingymebob on the tv. I have seen 2 of the "acts" and yet again they are complete rubbish. I had hopes for Scooch last year but they did pants too. This year we have to choose from a bunch of X Factor rejects - Andy Abrahams, Michelle Gayle, and 2 girls who are as nondescript as every girl band on the tv talent shows. The songs are all shit too. Sorry, the UK's poor attempts to win the Eurovision reduce me to cussing. I am beginning to think they don't want to win. Who doesn't want to go and watch the Eurovision at the NEC?! I do. I'd have flags.

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