Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Howdy partner

Yeehah! I'm dragging the old man to Las Vegas on Thursday (well I say dragging, you probably couldn't see him for dust such is his penchant for the old ching ching of slot machines) and I can't wait! We went last year and my one overriding memory is that we only saw a tiny percentage of all there is to see, and I am determined to see it all this time. Hell, last time (due to jet lag or something weird related to wedding stress), we never went out at night. Oh actually, we did once, to see the Blue Man Group, but that was because we had already paid for the tickets. They were mental btw, and apparently in London, go see them! Anyway, we hardly drank either, despite booze being free (yes FREE) in casinos as long as you're sticking your quarters in a machine. Being typical Brits, we didn't like to ask, admittedly being asked for ID every 5 minutes might have put the waitresses off approaching us and offering us the demon nectar. I was 30 at the time, they thought we were under 21!! Flattering but not half annoying. It was probably because we clutched our $20 notes to our bosoms like they were million dollar notes, while groups of boys who really did look about 15 were throwing hundred dollar bills to the wind on the roulette tables. Would you ask someone their age if they were making you rich? We weren't making anyone rich with our measly gambling so they picked on us. Swines.

Anyway, my problem at the moment (life is hard sweetie) is what to drink. We were on Budweisers last time and I can't drink lots of beer. I tried a cocktail in a restaurant, a Manhattan I think, and it was horrible. I'm veering to the old mainstay of JD and coke, but as it's free I want to ask for something extravagant, something with an umbrella. That will make me strangely lucky on the Wheel of Fortune and not so drunk that I fight an old dear trying to get on the same machine. What would you have to do to get thrown out of a casino?

No. 11 in my Top 10 Things to Do with £100 Million Dollars? Well, I'd put a million on red...and buy that giant flashing cowboy that's in all the tour guides.

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  1. Bon voyage! Vegas is one of the great American cities I still have not visited.