Friday, January 27, 2006


Hubbie has been driving me crazy for the past 2 weeks with his obsession with winning the Euromillions. He says I have no imagination as I can't get excited about what I'd spend the money on. My defence is that I am not bothered about money at all, and I'd rather write a novel that got published, or become a rock star. For arguments sake though, and to prove I can, here are the Ten Things I Would Spend My Millions On.

1) Lessons in how to walk in high heels without looking drunk or crazy.

2) An en-suite swimming pool (I saw one on Superhomes and it is a must for any millionaire)

3) My own library fashioned like one at Cambridge, with spiral staircases, sliding ladders, and those green reading lamps on the tables. And my own purple book stamp. And perhaps a benevolent ghost.

4) A beetle - purple soft top with those spinning silver hubcaps, and a holder for cups of tea. And a teasmaid in the boot for emergency tea situations.

5) A big jukebox that holds all my cds and plays them in proper random order (not like Lady L's mp3 player)

6) A disco of my very own, with a sprung dancefloor, my jukebox linked to the decks, a mirrorball, and a fully stocked bar. And another floor for roller-discos. And BIG sofas on the sidelines.

7) A big house to put it all in. Somewhere in the countryside but near enough to London to visit.

8) A little olde-worlde bookshop with a cafe next door that me & my friends can run, I wouldn't want to give up work altogether, and I'd like to save them from their lives of 9-5 drudgery. But imagine all those libraries that would be bereft of librarians!

9) A Frothy Coffee maker. No! Make that an island! With a castle and eerie caves. Think the Famous Five.

10) My own beach.

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  1. Might I suggest a small but plush theatre? Then I would move in an become a caretaker for your estate, free of charge.