Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I want to ride my bicycle?

In the wake of the bombings last week, loads of people are now cycling to work. Now this is a good thing, and environmentalists must be very happy. But most of these people have been let loose on the road without taking their cycling proficiency tests – I get a lift into work every day, it’s great. But recently driving in London is a nightmare – you have cyclists passing you on both sides of the car, and don’t get me started on scooter drivers – do L plates mean you don’t have to follow the Highway Code? It’s a miracle I haven’t seen an accident yet. They weave in and out, oblivious to other users of the road and clearly have no sense at all. Is this a safer way to travel than the tube when you haven’t got the sense you were born with?! I don’t think so. The next time some smug cyclist nearly causes us to crash and then frowns at us, I’m leaping out of the van and sticking a big stick in their spokes.

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