Monday, July 11, 2005


Our work internet nazi software isn't working! Marvellous. So I have an unexpected opportunity to write. London is slowly getting back to normal after the awful events of last week. It was a very strange day. The internet isn't all that for up to the minute news, my parents up north knew more than I did from watching the tv. So we spent most of the morning listening to rumours which I assumed were overexaggerated (how wrong I was), and refreshing the bbc news website for updates. The bus was only round the corner, when it was confirmed the first thing I did was find my husband (who thankfully works in the same place) and hug him. Then began a round of trying to call people's mobiles until the network went down and that was it, then emailing frantically waiting for a brief reply saying "I'm fine". Everyone I know is safe.

It has put the stress of house buying into perspective now. If the house falls through, so what?

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  1. Glad you're OK, Bookish Barbara. You Londoners are in my thoughts.