Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Evil pretty boys

So Jude was doing the nanny then? Oh dear. It’s very upsetting for poor old Sienna, but it does give heart to the rest of us normal people. You can be the belle of the ball, in the papers all the time for your fashion sense, acting skills and generally be the next bright young thing, and your bloke still does the nanny. Did they learn nothing from Posh & Becks? At least us normal poor people can’t afford hired help and therefore remove the temptation.

Jude does make me very cross though. If, as reported, he blamed Sienna for making a career for herself and not being there every time he wanted her, she’s better off without him. She’s too young for him anyway – he obviously couldn’t keep up with her partying! Sadie Frost gave up her acting career (I use this phrase lightly) to have his kids and look after his house, and he obviously got bored with that too. I guess no woman in her right mind would get involved with him for quite a while now, I can’t see him taking the nanny to A list parties in Hollywood. And what’s the obsession with swinging? Honestly. Who says you can have it all and be happy? If my mortgage ever gets sorted out I will cry with joy, that’s all I want from life.

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