Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday night round Liz's

Picture the scene: The Queen on Tuesday night. Sitting down with a nice cocoa to watch the soaps in her dressing gown and slippers (she is a pensioner you know!). Then there is a phone call:

Underling: "Maam, Gordon Brown to see you"
Queen: "Oh bloody hell, I've got my curlers in! Can't it wait?"
Underling: "Erm no, he wants to resign"
Queen: "Now?! Eastenders is on in a minute! Oh alright then, give me a minute to put my teeth back in"

30 minutes later:

Underling: "Maam...?"
Queen: "WHAT?! What is it now? My baths running!"
Underling: "Erm, David Cameron wants to see you now"
Queen: "!!!!!!!!!"

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