Thursday, May 06, 2010

They SO need me!

Well after my initial excitement at the new library, things were swiftly back to normal. When I returned some books last week, two of them weren't recognised by the Robot Librarian so the proper one said "oh I'll take them back to my desk and sort them out". And promptly didn't as they were still on Littl'uns' ticket three days later when I checked our records. Hence another visit yesterday to find said books and get them actually returned rather than just put back on the shelves, luckily my librarian book finding skills have yet to desert me. So that was sorted. Then Littl'un picked some more books to take out and we used the Robot Librarian which is still very exciting! But one book wouldn't issue. So we went off to the Real Librarian and guess what? - it was only issued to someone else!! Honestly. When I am baby free and need a job I am taking over that place and kicking them into touch! Just watch me.

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