Sunday, May 30, 2010


Once again my prediction that the Eurovision would never again rise to the heights of Lordi 2006 came true. Oh Terry, how we miss you! The "highlights" of 2010 Eurovision?

The colour blue. Apparently blue was the theme this year, lots of blue gloves, blue outfits, blue eyeshadow...

Death. Israel and the Ukraine both submitted cheery little numbers about impending apocalypse, death, death to the world, etc. etc.

Copycats. We had Leo Sayer, Aqua, Bonnie Tyler, Linkin Park, Goldfrapp, Jordan, 2 Unlimited, Lily Allen (who won), and Sting. Who knew they were all such Eurovision fans?!

We do a score chart to help us remember who is who. My favourite comments for this year are "drunk and maudlin" (Russia), "breasty" (Armenia), "suicidal" (Israel), "Sting" (Denmark), "piano and catsuit" (Romania).

And as for the UK? We chose a 19 year old Essex boy to impersonate Rick Astley circa 1985. Came last. Quite a feat compared to some of the other entrants really.

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