Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Ebay rant

I recently started selling on Ebay - mainly to make a bit of cash and get rid of my outgrown baby clothes and maternity stuff. I was doing ok, not starting bidding wars like I had hoped, but not bad! Then some stupid woman bought a top that I loved and didn't want to give up really. Then she told me it was unwearable and demanded a refund. I said I disagreed and that I would never sell anything that was unwearable. She reported me to Ebay and I had to agree to her demands! But the stupid woman will be out of pocket as she has to pay to return it to me before I refund her, and I'm not paying that postage, and the best bit? All this trouble and she got the top for £1.75.

People! And when I get it back and prove there was nothing wrong with it for a USED top I will be reporting her to Ebay! Grr.

And another random stupid thing about Ebay? People pay more for used items than they would be if they actually buy them NEW! How stupid is that?! I was watching a book and a game that I wanted, and they both went for lots more than the online price on Play or Amazon - and they do free delivery! Some people are just so weird.

Or maybe it's me?

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