Thursday, May 01, 2008

The thieving bastards!!

I just looked out of my window, like you do, and thought "why is that fat boy walking up and down the road so many times?". Why? Because his dad was coolly loading his boot with stuff from the builders' van parked on our neighbour's drive, that's why!! I managed to get his number plate so hopefully they will catch him. But what a nerve!! In broad daylight too! A couple of our other neighbours walked past him while he was at it and he was calm as you like, and a man was cleaning some windows right next to him. The boy wasn't in school 'cause of the voting, you can just imagine the scene at breakfast time. "Son, what would you like to do on your day off? Go to the park or come robbing with your old pa?". The funniest bit was when the old bloke gave the boy the nod - he was the lookout - and shouted at him to get in the car. He was so fat he couldn't run very fast, I think he will prove to be the weak link in that thieving partnership...

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