Thursday, May 08, 2008

The fuzz are getting so much younger...

Yesterday I had a knock at the door, and looking out of the window I saw 3 young men dressed in denim with tattoos. On opening the door, I expected to be asked if I wanted my windows cleaned, or my roof replaced. Only to get a shock when one (who looked about 15 I swear!) flashed his badge and said he was the police following up the thieving bastards from last week. Bless! They were so young! I didn't take them seriously at all, preferring to regale them in how funny the boy running to the car was. They did laugh but then said "we'll come and take a proper statement soon". But now I'm worrying I can't remember exactly what happened, or what the man looked like really. What if they make me do a line-up?! Why did I get involved?!

Or does their youth mean I am getting old?


  1. Same thing happened to me last year when I had to give a witness statement. Was so worried that my original 'chat' and official statement wouldn't match up, and I'd be the one going to jail! Oh yeah, and it means you're getting older :)

  2. At some point I started wondering when they got so young, the professionals I entrust my life to (airline pilots, surgeons).