Friday, May 16, 2008

Shopping nirvana

So the other week I realised that a) we had £80 of John Lewis vouchers from our wedding (in 2005) and b) we didn't have much money. So this led to c) ordering the weekly shopping from Ocado. Marvellous! I hadn't used them before mainly as they seem v. posh and expensive. Now I have and can't possibly use them again until we're rich again and it's awful. It's like having candy taken away when you're a small child. I kind of wish I hadn't experienced it. They definitely win the customer service award for online shopping, and quirkyness.

The morning of my delivery I got a text message. This reminded me it was coming, that no items were missing, the name of my delivery man, the make and model and numberplate of his van. I was surprised they didn't tell me his blood type or favourite sandwich filling.

I got a call a good 45 minutes before my slot from Kevin the driver. He said he was "running behind" to which I immediately though "uh-oh". But no! He actually meant he was running ahead, and could he come round now? Of course you can Kevin!

Then when he turned up he gave me a whole welcome speech, a breakdown of how all the food is packed and arranged, and what the colour coded bags meant. He looked very upset when I said he could just leave the bags in the porch and I'd take them through to the kitchen. I wasn't being rude, I'm just used to Tescos.

And I got a free packet of something I ordered by mistake! Though when he'd left I guiltily wondered if it was a test of my suitability to be an Ocado customer. If I tried to order again I'd probably be told I wasn't honest enough and to go elsewhere!

This is not a paid advertisement for Ocado by the way! I'm just a sucker for expensive food delivery and lovely food! It was so upsetting when we ate it all and had to go back to "basics" bread.

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