Monday, May 26, 2008

Eurovision and pirates!!

This year's Eurovision was bloody brilliant! I so wish we'd had a party and that Lady L and I hadn't had to resort to a breakdown of the acts by text message! I was torn between the Latvian pirates and the Finnish rockers. Rock! I so want to move to Finland! They weren't quite Lordi, but they were quite Iron Maiden which was cool. And as for Latvia. Anyone who is prepared to go on tele in front of millions dressed as a pirate and singing "hii hii hey" while dancing round a wheel gets my vote. There were loads of acts I could have voted for this year which makes a change.

But it was all marred at the end by the stupid political voting that meant Russia won when clearly they were pants. I never understand it. Are the voting public in countries like Serbia and Latvia forced at gunpoint to dial the number for Russia when they wanted to vote for Iceland, or is there no public vote at all and it's all lies?! And if so, when did the Eurovision get so important that whole countries resort to skulduggery and secret meetings ("if you vote for us this year, we'll give you free tickets to the do next year") to sort out who is voting for who this year? It was most upsetting that they upset poor Terry, who was totally disenchanted with it all and threatened us that he might not do it next year. Terry!! How could you? But the countries that put most money towards it, us, France, Germany, Spain, will probably think about not paying for it in the future as our chances are so low, and that will mean we will lose our automatic places and never again qualify for the Eurovision. Then nobody will bother watching it except for all the Eastern Europeans who have hijacked it. It's a sad old time for the Eurovision. I've just depressed myself writing this. And I was so high on Euro excitement! Damn those ice skating weird tight white pants wearing Russians and their political ambitions.

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