Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Too busy for non-work related correspondence?

Ye gads, I think I am still in shock. I am "in charge" (you lucky lucky people!) of the library for the next two weeks and, I tell you, I haven't had a minute to myself for the last two days. My line manager who has a very anal grasp on all mundane library tasks, who doesn't even delegate opening envelopes, has gone on holiday leaving me to run the joint. And because of her failure to delegate AT ALL when she's here, this previously unheard of responsibility has thrown me somewhat. The days are certainly going faster and I'm sure I've lost several pounds through constant running around, but I have no time. Normally I have time to do all my work, help all the happy shoppers, and spend a good proportion of the day emailing back and forth between Lady L and Miss S. Not today. But then they haven't emailed either. Maybe today was the official "Busy at Work Day" and nobody warned me?

I can't decide whether having a Very Busy Job is a Good Thing. I know I am often bored out of my tiny mind, and scanning the BBC website obsessively every five minutes loses its appeal. And just last week I thought I was developing alzheimers. So this week just goes to prove my mind does still work, it was just bored. And I have no problem with delegating things to other people myself. Make the workers work dammit! I'm corresponding with a very important client.

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