Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lucky number seven

Ok after saying my love affair was over, I caught Deal or no deal yesterday and it was very exciting! Though saying that, I only caught the last 20 minutes which means you bypass all the boring stuff where the person playing talks lots about their wooden leg/poorly Grandma/dodgy car and says they want to win at least £250,000.

So, when I switched it on Morris was doing rather well. And it got better and better. Down to two boxes. One with £20,000 and one with £250,000. Oooh!! How exciting. He had box number 16. The other box was number 7. The banker offered him £101,000. He turned it down so sure he was that his box had £250,000 in it. The banker offered to let him swap the box. He turned that down on the basis that loads of people have 7 as their lucky number and that had Noel estimated they had done about 160 shows and his box had 1 and 6 as it's number (weird reasoning if you ask me).

But he was wrong!! So wrong!! But bless him, he didn't cry. Still £20,000 isn't bad. But then Noel reminded him he had turned down an extra £80,000. That's it Noel, pile it on!! Make the poor man cry like a girl.

But I knew he didn't win the jackpot. The show's are pre-recorded and it would so have been reported in the papers before they actually showed it. Like they do with Millionaire.

Poor Morris. Seven really is a lucky number.

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