Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Windows and pushy salesmen...

We're getting new windows and doors soon, am very excited, our current ones are crap. But of course it wasn't a smooth process being us! I arranged 3 appointments - one with a big company, two with local companies, and we said that we'd listen to them all before we decided. The big company was first through the door, and he convinced us so much that we signed up with him straightaway! Ridiculous. It all seemed ok until I went online - and it turned out everything the salesman had told us was basically a lie! How did he sucker us in?
Firstly, he quoted a massive price which nobody would ever pay. Then did a whole spiel about a new promotion and the company wanted 5 houses in the area to use as advertising for the new products and luckily - luckily! - we were eligible. Then he knocked 12 grand off the price. Then when we still didn't look convinced he rang his boss who confirmed that the promotion was still valid and he then knocked another 3 grand off. So in all the price has gone down a lot and it sounds great. He says all they want is a few photos and a board outside for a few days, and this deal is a one off, just for us, we'd never get the same price elsewhere. BUT we had to sign that evening or it was gone.
I know, I know, after the event you can see how stupid we were. But he really sold it, and told me a friend who had recommended them would get £50 if I filled a form in with her details. He even said "go and get as many quotes as you like, waste all your evenings, you'll never get a better deal."
So, the next night we had one of the local companies round as I thought we might as well speak to him. He was absolutely lovely, took half the time, and said "I won't bother you now with prices, I'll email you tomorrow so you don't feel pressured". The quote when it came was £5 different to the "you'll never get an equivalent quote" from the other company, and for a better front door.
Needless to say, we cancelled the first company and are going with the lovely local one. I am just so angry, how can they lie so easily to every customer? I looked at the recommendation card, and in the small print, it said it wasn't valid if an order had already been placed, so that was also a lie. His "never be matched" price was a lie. The timescale was a lie - he said they could do it super quickly just for us due to the promotion. The other company are doing it the same week. And they do the "promotion" sell to every customer looking at online reviews. Also, after telling us the price was "rock bottom, they wouldn't make a profit" on it, when I phoned to cancel the man said "well we can talk about the price if you like and get it down a bit". Really?!
Hopefully we'll learn for next time, but we always get suckered! Luckily cancelling was easy, got my deposit back without an argument, they must do that a lot...

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