Saturday, March 22, 2014

Being a parent...

When you have kids these things start to happen:
1. When the sun is out you are ridiculously happy that you can get the washing out to dry.
2. At 3pm every day of the week, it will rain. Just in time to pick the kids up.
3. You are happy for 3 hours of peace every evening once the kids are in bed. Though you don't do anything with the time, just mong on the sofa drinking tea or wine if things are that bad.
4. You are no longer squeamish about bodily functions, and can have a long debate about poo.
5. You barely look in the mirror anymore, live in jeans, and are lucky if you leave the house with brushed hair.
6. You can only concentrate long enough for about half an episode of Bargain Hunt, just enough to see how much money they made or lost. You thank the powers that be for recordable tv.

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