Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tall tales...

My eldest is a very clever boy, always makes me proud at report time, and I have no concerns about his schoolwork. But recently I have had cause to wonder about his behaviour...
I was called in after school, and told that the boy had told his dinner lady that when he was 3 (he's now 7) his parents were stabbed to death by burglars, and he was now in foster care. The dinner lady was obviously disturbed by this, and when she told his teacher she said, "well I'm sure I saw his mum this morning!" but they called me in to discuss it. First off the boy denied all knowledge, said that the dinner lady had got the wrong boy, and he was SO convincing. It didn't sound like him so I thought he was probably telling the truth. 2 hours later at home, of crying and saying "why don't you believe me, you're my mum!", the little sod admitted it! I was shocked!
So he had to apologise to his teacher and his dinner lady. Little sod. But what if they had taken it seriously, and thought we were abusing him or something so he wished we were dead?! I am a bit worried about how clever and convincing he is - he's got to channel it into something productive like writing horror stories, or acting, before he goes to the dark side completely!
And I always said I wouldn't be one of those mums who think their little angels could never do anything wrong - that's a lesson and a half for me!

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