Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A very grown up 6 year old

My eldest was still going to his old school for a few weeks after we moved, as changing schools is very complicated. Then at 2pm before they broke up for half term I got a phone call asking if he could start at the local school after half term. So I had to ring his old school and tell them he was leaving that day so he could say goodbye to everyone he had known since nursery. I was really worried how he would take it, but he was SO grown up about it bless him! He said goodbye, I got some flowers for his teacher, and that was it. After half-term he went to his new school and was absolutely fine. He looked a bit worried when we left him on the first day, but apart from that, it was like he had always gone there. I think kids deal with change better than we do!
His new school is lovely, it has lots of outdoor space which his old one didn't, actual grass and everything! He seems to have less homework but he's ok with that! I haven't managed to make friends with any mums yet, it's quite bizarre, the parents stand all over the playground in random groups so when the kids are let out it takes the teacher a while to spot the parents, some of whom are right at the other side of the playground. So I have no idea who is in the same class, but I'm hoping when the youngest starts at nursery in September I might meet someone to talk to!

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