Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We thought we'd escaped another visit from my Inappropriate Relative for a while after two visits in the last two months. Then last night we got a phone call announcing another visit. Next week for half term. And this is despite me saying we had lots of plans with Littl'un's friends and were busy all week. "Oh, we'll just fit round you" was the response. I am not cancelling any plans, with school now it is so hard to find the time to do anything fun, and I had plans for a couple of lazy days where we didn't even have to leave the house. Now that is all down the toilet. 

I have decided it is time to bite the bullet and actually say something. We have bitten our tongues for well over 10 years, more recently since we had the boys and they come down every other month (or more!). The problem is it is my stepmother. It makes it all the more complicated. But my dad manages to totally ignore all her bad behaviour, so maybe it is my time to cause some trouble. We can't keep on living like this, dreading the next visit and then moaning about it for weeks after!! If I cause offense it's about bloody time. I just don't want to hurt my dad.

If anyone has any advice for me, how do you tell your dad his wife is a nightmare?! And that they are not visiting every time we have some time off!! I know they want to see their grandkids (not that I count her as their grandma really!), but perhaps their dad and me might like to spend some time with them too - just us! Is that too much to ask?!

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