Friday, February 11, 2011

Clear as mud

It was our wedding anniversary last weekend, 6 long years (only joking!) and the highlight was sending Littl'un to his nan's for the weekend to give us some peace for a change (not joking!). Anyway, when he came back he asked what the cards were for, and I thought I explained quite clearly about weddings and anniversaries. He looked like he got it. Then half an hour later he said "mummy, why did you and daddy get married when I was at nannies?" Bless his little heart, he looked quite upset!

Then yesterday he was messing around with my mobile which was locked and said "look mummy, 999!" - luckily it didn't dial automatically so I was able to cancel it. I thought again I explained quite well about calling 999 if there is ever an emergency - he's 4 now, he should be able to phone for help if I knock  myself out with the iron or something! Then when we got home from school he said "can I phone the firemen now?". It's a slippery slope to arson in the bedroom just to see a fire engine...

And I really need to work on my explanations!

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