Thursday, October 07, 2010


Littl'un started at nursery today, he loved it bless him! It was quite sad for me, he looked so grown up in his uniform but so small! When he came home, he was full of everything he had done, and then out of the blue he said:

"My teacher is called Mrs Bubbles" (she isn't really, I am protecting her right to anonymity!). "And she is a BIT fat!"

I said "you didn't tell her that did you?" (thinking PLEASE don't have said that on your first day, son!). And luckily he said he didn't. But honestly, where do kids get it from?! He also said the other day that his toy Spongebob wasn't playing anymore as "he was dead". What do you say to that?: "Do you want to bury him in the garden or flush him down the toilet then son?". Once I have brought up these kids and let them out into the world I am applying to the UN to be a peace negotiator...

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