Thursday, October 07, 2010

Boozy mums

So some idiot scientists have started the controversy about drinking and pregnancy up again. They now say that to have a couple of drinks a week "does no harm". But how do they actually know?! It does my head in! In both of my pregnancies I didn't drink a drop from the day I found out I was pregnant. I would rather not take the risk myself. I know people who do have the odd tipple, and that's up to them. But to me, (call me prissy if you like, I was a librarian!), alcohol isn't a necessity unlike food. I would have loved a drink at some points, but the not knowing what it would do to my baby stopped me. Even after having my kids I don't drink much at all any more. Once when Littl'un #1 was little I went crazy and had a few too many. Then he was sick in the night and needed me and I couldn't help as I was being sick in the bathroom! And hangovers and early starts also don't do anyone any good!

So I think my lesson is basically that kids & booze don't mix. Period. From the day of conception to the day they leave home! Dammit, where's that bottle of gin?!

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