Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I am currently doing a proofreading correspondence course, I am extremely nitpicky and hate finding mistakes in books so I am probably perfect for it. Anyway, I've got to do an assessment and post it back to them, and have to get at least a B to pass the whole course. I have spent the last week agonising about a part of it, the text is all jumbled up and in real life you would query it so they can check it against the manuscript. But I decided this was too easy and they really wanted you to correct it to demonstrate your understanding of the symbols you need to use. But did they?! After days of going backwards and forwards, in desperation I just rang them to ask and the girl said "oh yeah, you just query it" and that was that! No "oh it's an assessment, an important part of the course, I can't help you I'm afraid", just "oh we'll tell you the answer, don't worry!". On the one hand I am grateful that my instincts were right in the first place, but on the other, does everybody pass this course as they just tell you what to do?!

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