Monday, June 30, 2008

Essex mothers

A conversation at a mother and baby group:

Mum A: "Eeeeer, what did you get up to at the weekend then?"
Mum B: "We went to a paaartay, yeah, and after a few smirnoff ices we all got our boobs out yeah, it was WICKED!!"
Me: "????!!!!???"
Mum A: "Wicked yeah! I love my boobs, they are really firm, yeah, even since I had Jordan, I wore a bra constantly for 6 months after I had 'er"
Mum B: "Ooh, yeah, they are lovely, mine are saggy, I can't do nothing with 'em"
Mum C: "I've started my diet today, haven't I? I only had 2 packets of crisps today. I'm only a size 16 so I haven't got that much to lose"
Me (in head): "A size 16?!?! I don't bleeding well think so love!" and "?!?!?!?!"
Mum A: "Ooh yer are doin' well, I'm doin' aerobics at the church hall"
Mum B: "Ooh I hate aerobics, I get all sweaty and bored. I like dancin'"
Mum A: "Well I like it. Did I tell you we just bought a new kitchen?"
Mum B: "No"
Mum A: "Yeah, AND we are going to America next month, I'm going to buy SO much stuff, we're so rich! Did I tell you Jordan's outfit is from America? We had it sent over special like"
Me (in head:) "Kill me now. Please."

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