Monday, June 30, 2008

Did I miss something?!

I may be getting old, but exactly which part of Amy Winehouse's Glastonbury "performance" was a "triumph" exactly?! Me and Lady L and our other halves watched it on the tv (too poor for Glasto tickets) and she was shocking. She mumbled the words, staggered around the stage, and talked incoherently for an hour. The only bit where she made sense was when she punched the fan who tried to pull her hairpiece off (though we were willing it to happen). She was on the Nelson Mandela gig the day before and was just as bad. But people are describing it as amazing and brilliant. She needs help, not people letting her go on stage in that state for everyone to gawp at.

None of the bits of Glasto I have seen have made me wish I was there. Mark Ronson was ok, but Lily Allen turned up to do her song and hadn't bothered to learn the lyrics. She said she "hadn't sung it for a while", but surely she must have been asked to do it a while ago. She could have spent 5 minutes swotting up before swaggering on stage and saying to the people who paid £200 a pop "oh I couldn't be arsed to learn them, and I can't be arsed to read them off this sheet either so why don't you all sing it instead?". Pop stars. Pah.

When me and Lady L went to Reading it was so different. Rock stars threw poo at the audience, bands were brilliant, people rolled around the site in bins. Dave Grohl licked the camera. Ah those were the days...

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