Monday, May 28, 2007

The worst two hours of my life this year...

...were spent watching "The Holiday". Baby Babs was asleep finally so we indulged ourselves in a film. Light romantic comedy with big names Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, that should be ok shouldn't it?! No. It was bloody awful. One of my Worst Films Ever. They were all so smug. SO smug it nearly made our eyes bleed. Cameron and Kate have bad love lives and swap houses for 2 weeks - one in LA, one in a picture perfect cottage in Surrey. Within these 2 weeks, they manage to get over their exes, meet the men of their dreams and sort out their inner angsts. My god. It could have been so much better. Even Jack Black couldn't save it. Jude Law is a widower with 2 kids who all just "fall in love" with quirky Cam, and she gives up a high powered movie job in LA to move in with him and become their new mum. Kate charms everyone in LA with her 'refreshing Britness' and falls for Jack Black who likes to sing the themes to movies while walking round Blockbusters. Honestly. I could still be sick thinking about it. Miami Vice was a film classic compared to this one. Do the movie makers think as long as they have enough big names in a film that the script doesn't really matter?! Honestly. I want that time back! Thankyou.

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