Friday, May 18, 2007

Animal mortuary?

Whilst feeding the little'un in the mornings, I have been watching Animal Park on the BBC at 9am. Remember the AM bit, it'll be important later. It's a documentary about Longleat Safari Park, "ooh", I thought, "lots of nice footage of monkeys and lions and it's much better than Jeremy Kyle on the other side". So far this week I have been traumatised and am thinking of writing an "appalled of Essex" letter to the Beeb. The first day I watched it a baby giraffe died. Instead of glossing over the fact, they chose to show the giraffe corpse led on some concrete obviously waiting for the incinerator. The next day a white tiger had to be put to sleep as it had cancer. Queue a shot of the corpse and a slow-motion montage of her finer moments. Then two male handlers were nearly reduced to tears reminiscing about the poor old tiger. Yesterday a pregnant giraffe had to have an emergency caesarean but the baby had died. The voiceover declared gleefully "it had been dead for so long that it had started decomposing in the womb". They then showed the poor mum wandering round looking really sad. I couldn't watch it today. I'm all for seeing nature as it really is, but honestly, whoever edits this show is a sadist. And I'm surprised there are any animals left to show us. Jeremy Kyle seems full of happy normal people in comparison and that's saying something...

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