Friday, May 25, 2007

Where is my mind?

Pregnancy and motherhood take quite a toll on a normal person you know. Symptoms I have become aware of include:

1) Someone tells you to do something. You agree to do it. Then it goes out of your mind completely. Hubbie is regularly driven mad by this, especially as before baby (herein "BB") I never forgot anything and never had to be reminded to do anything. But I think he should take the trouble to remind me again after reminding me, or even do it himself! What an idea?!

2) You fall out of the loop of everything you held dear BB. Take Chris Cornell. He is my rock idol and if I wasn't married and he hadn't turned into a bit of a strange man recently then I would have run off with him no questions. I knew that he had quit Audioslave. But I didn't realise he had a new single out until I read it in Heat! Heat!! The shame!! His new album is out on Monday and I only pre-ordered it yesterday!

3) I asked Lady Librarian (who thankfully still has her finger on the pulse) if she had heard that "good new cover" of the Smiths by Mark Ronson? Apparently it's been out for months and everyone is fed up of it now. Oh righty. Same goes for the "new" Manics single. Sigh.

4) I haven't read a book that didn't start with "there once was a ..." for months and months. I have a stockpile of books I want to read but can't find the time. When littl'un is asleep I either do housework or check my emails. I need to make a rota to fit everything in. Who has time for a job these days? :-)

5) You become oblivious to sick stains on your clothes and are quite happy to leave the house as long as you are fully clothed, never mind what combination of clothes you have put together in the 2 minutes you have to get dressed before littl'un rolls off the bed and a trip to A&E ensues.

6) You are quite happy to discuss highly personal details (birth/breastfeeding/baby poo) with anyone who seems interested. And bore people are clearly aren't.

7) You have the attention span of a small gnat and can cope with 1/2 hour tv programs if they cover property/decoration/animals/tattoo artists/holidays but films and complex tv shows are completely out.

8) You learn to eat most meals in about 5 minutes flat as your previously happy and smiley baby turns into the antichrist should you have the temerity (ooh long word get me!) to try and eat a meal and not pay them your full attention for a short while.

But hey it's not all bad! It's actually quite fun, it's just adjusting to the brain decay that is bothering me! Maybe I should start doing some brain exercises...2x2 is 4, 4x4 is 16...


  1. You can't be totally gone if you can still remember Pixies lyrics. Or was that a happy coincidence?

  2. Ha no! I knew it was a Pixies lyric. Years ago I went to watch an old boyfriend's band play, and when they finished I said "ooh what was that song you played at the end, it was really good, much better than the others!". Turned out to be a cover of "Where is my mind". The other songs were original. Oops.