Friday, October 06, 2006

Tin foil helmets all round please!

Today I met the world's Most Hypochondriac Barrister. The Library has recently come out of the Dark Ages and got a wi-fi signal so people can use their laptops for internet access. So, said barrister comes up to the desk and asked me about the wi-fi signal. I told him how it worked and said if he wanted to use it he had to sit in a certain area of the Library. In true Librarian style we have a laptop free zone - other hypochondriac barristers in the past have complained about being disturbed by loud typing! Anyway, today's nominee for crazy customer of the week said "oh doesn't the signal go down to the other end then?" - at this point I thought he was trying to flout the rules! - so I said "oh it probably does but we don't allow laptops down there". He then looks pained and says "oh, but the wi-fi signal gives me a headache!" to which I went "oh! Well I am sure if you sit at the very far end you'll be ok!". Man whatever next? Does he avoid coffee shops now too, they all seem to have wi-fi signals. And certain parts of London do too don't they? He should really move to the countryside. Or the Moon.


  1. mmmhhh! It is true that some people are sensitive to a wifi signal as I’m one myself. If I’m sat within a certain range of one my head aches with a burning sensation as well...

    With a bit of research you will see that they operate at 2.4 GHz, which is the same frequency as a microwave oven though with a lot less power.

    Paranoid or over sensitive?

  2. Well I am sure it does affect some people badly. This chappy however seems to have no problem using his mobile (in the library I hasten to add) and I think he just likes to moan about things in general!