Friday, October 06, 2006

Scary husbands...

I have had a week of comedy conversations. One of my colleagues has a very needy husband who rings about twelve times a day to speak to her. This pees the rest of us off as he always phones the desk, not her direct extension, which means one of us usually has to run down the Library to answer the phone, or stop helping whoever is at the desk. But the nicer side of me assumes there must be a good reason for all this phoning. Yesterday I had an insight, and it wasn't good.

The phone went and it was matey. For once, his wife was busy so I said could she call him back? He got very stroppy, "no she can't ring me back! That's just no good!" to which I paused, thinking about the best way to handle this, then he said very grumpily "oh, I suppose I'll just have to remember to tell her we have no teabags when she gets home then!".

Whilst trying not to pee myself, I said "oh I am sure I can tell her that when she's free!".

I was so tempted to say "Your husband says you need to buy coffee" and mess with their heads but life really isn't worth trying to explain myself to them afterwards.

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