Thursday, August 18, 2005

When librarians get the hump...

Grrr. Now my job isn’t stressful at all most of the time (except that one time we had a rush of 5 barristers at the desk) and I can do most of my jobs blindfolded, so there is absolutely no reason for me to have the hump. We’re on "vacation hours", there are far less people around than normal, and from today my boss is off so we can run riot. But I am so fed up. I can’t be bothered to do anything, I sit at my pc glowering, and watch the clock till it’s time to go home. Our poor users look too scared to come to the desk, usually I can have a laugh with them and they are mostly very sweet. And then I think that everyone thinks I must have had a row with the other half and that makes me even crosser!

I think in part it’s due to wanting to do stuff at home. There are a million jobs to do and no time while I’m forced to go to work to pay for it all! I’ve decided that my ideal job would be to do houses up, sell them for billions of pounds and then be able to retire in ten years or so. I love deciding what colour to paint rooms, and if I had a huge budget for expensive furnishings and gadgets it would be great! But I’m sure once I’d finished I’d want to live there and would refuse to sell it. I was watching one of those property programmes the other night, and there was this brilliant house which was an upside down house. It had a lovely courtyard and was really quirky but the couple who were looking to buy weren’t interested at all. If I had half a million quid to throw around I’d have had it.

On the plus side though, today I had to go and buy a birthday present for my sister-in-law. I got her ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ on DVD (her video has worn out she’s watched it so much!) and when I got it to the till it was cheaper than it said (I love it when that happens!) and as an added bonus I got some free stickers! I have absolutely no idea why, but they cheered me up no end.

I need some celebrity gossip to cheer me up. It’s been oh so quiet on the Cruise/Holmes front, the most exciting thing that happened this week was that Madonna fell off a horse. Come on celebs, do your stuff!


  1. What stickers were they B? Your public needs to know!

  2. Well on closer inspection it gets more exciting...they are multi coloured shiny balloon stickers that you can use on wrapped presents and cards to make them even more thrilling than they already were! Woo!

  3. No WAY!

    I am totally jealous, and wishing it was my birthday soon so I could get me some of that snazzy present wrapping action. Please don't use them all by March!