Friday, August 05, 2005

My neighbours get their comeuppance!

This has made me so so happy, and I know it’s evil. As we’re leaving our flat soon we had some people come to look at it the other night. As you may or may not know, our upstairs neighbours are the spawn of satan and have made our lives hell. They have a little girl who screams constantly, runs around with clogs on till gone midnight, and never seems to leave the house or go to school. The wife speaks very poor English and screams at the little girl in Russian (which sounds much more threatening than in English, I’m sure it’s all about kneecaps and concrete shoes). The husband is very strange too but can manage to tell us how it is (in his ideal world) in English. We share the garden and the drive, but when we moved in the husband made it very plain that he parked his car on the drive and there wasn’t room for another. And we share the back garden and washing line, but the wife (who doesn’t work and is in all week!) hogs the line all weekend so we can’t use it. And we can’t sit in the garden due to the presence of the evil little girl with toys everywhere. We have never bothered to bring this up with them as we knew we weren’t staying there for that long, and I have had enough problems with bad neighbours for a lifetime.

But anyway, the couple who want to move in are better than my wildest dreams could possible have come up with (with the exception of some chavs with a big stereo system and a rottweiler). She is 9 months pregnant, about to give birth – queue screaming baby. She also has a dog, and announced that she wanted to divide the garden up with a fence. They also want to park on the drive. Go new people!! It was all I could do not to hug them! They are a really nice couple, but unlike me, don’t take any shit. The upstairs neighbours are so getting what’s coming to them. I wish I was around to see it.

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