Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So 4 months on and LOTS of viewers on, WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!! Well, this is all subject to the survey so I'm holding my breath and preparing a big bung for the chap who comes and does the survey to ignore our dodgy wiring. Selling a house is SO stressful, you spend weeks constantly tidying and cleaning, for strangers to tramp through your home and then turn it down over some stupid thing like the roof tiles being the wrong colour. And it was only when I shouted at our estate agents, told them they were rubbish, and we were instructing someone else that they actually got their arses in gear and sold it a week before we were changing! Ha! The threat of losing 3 grand in fees works wonders I find.

Now we have to find somewhere. And I am finding it quite stressful too. I quite enjoyed the weeks of surfing the net looking at people's kitchens and scoffing at their green bathrooms. Now we have to actually narrow them down and go and look at them I've hit a brick wall. You would think the option of tramping round other people's houses and moaning about the colour of their kettle would be fun, we could look at all the houses around and have some fun. I don't know why I'm worrying!

And the thing I am really worrying about?! Moving day. How do I make the house nice and clean for the new owners while moving out all our stuff, moving it to another house which will probably also need cleaning, and then find the kettle?! The stupid things we worry about, honestly.

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