Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More bad parenting!

And not from me this time! At a kids party yesterday, two parents turned up with their son who was invited to the party, and also their much younger daughter who wasn't. The host said to them that the girl could stay and play if they paid for her entrance. Then all the kids went off to play and nobody thought anymore about it. Then when the kids were called to come and eat the girl came along too and started tucking in, so the host took her off to find her parents. And came back 5 minutes later to say the parents had buggered off and left the kids unsupervised! So the host of the party had to pay an extra £15 for the girl to eat. And they are really not well off, they struggled to have a party at all. It made me so mad. And at the end, the parents reappeared and smiled and left. No wonder they were bloody smiling! I wonder if they do that at all the parties they are invited too, sneak an extra kid in so they don't have to feed them later. The cheek! But I know who won't be on the list if my boys have a birthday party!

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  1. That's terrible! It bothers me so much that some people just have this feeling of entitlement, like they can just dump their kids off on someone else, and it's okay. I have an uncle with that same mindset. Needless to say, it causes tension.