Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I want to open bank accounts for the boys. You would think this would be easy. But no. The bank I chose as they had the best rate couldn't see me for 5 days (they "didn't have anyone in" to do it apparently) and now they are demanding to do a financial review about my account which is with a different bank before they'll do anything else. Why my financial affairs are relevant I don't know. If I was an aunt or something they wouldn't want to would they? I feel a row coming on. And when I told the man that I didn't bank with them, he looked disgusted. You would think they would welcome new business and be very nice to me, or else I'll go elsewhere. Which I might just do. I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. When we win the lottery I'll go in there and show them my wads of cash going "you could have had this". That would be brilliant.

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